08 APRIL 2015

Manila, Philippines---The Bureau of Immigration (BI) reminded foreign nationals to secure an Emigration Clearance Certificate (ECC) at BI offices before leaving the country to avoid being denied departure.
BI Spokesperson Elaine Tan said that based on airport statistics, foreign nationals who failed to present their ECCs comprised 33% of travelers who were denied departure. “It is unfortunate that we have to deny the travel of our foreign friends, but we have to implement the law”, Tan said.
Section 22-A of the Philippine Immigration Act provides that a foreign national who is about to depart from the Philippines temporarily or for good should seek clearance from the Commissioner of Immigration to insure that the foreign national has no pending obligation with the government of the Philippines.
The following foreign nationals are required to secure regular ECCs at any of the 17 BI offices[1] and present the same upon departure:
a.     Holders of Temporary Visitor Visa (tourist visa) who have stayed in the Philippines for six months or more;
b.     Holders of expired or downgraded immigrant or non-immigrant visas;
c.      Holders of valid immigrant or non-immigrant visas who are leaving for good;
d.     Philippine-born foreign nationals who will depart from the Philippines for the first time;
e.      Holders of tourist visa with Order to Leave;
f.       Seafarers who have stayed in the Philippines for 30 days or more.
Holders of valid immigrant or non-immigrant visas who intend to return to the Philippines may secure the ECC at the airport.
A fee of about Php 1,210 shall be collected for the ECC. “Additional fees may be charged if the foreign national is found to have arrears”, said Tan. Fees collected shall be fully accounted and remitted to the National Treasury.
Applications for regular ECCs shall be filed three days prior to departure and shall be valid for one month upon issuance. Foreign nationals must submit the following requirements upon filing of the application:
a.     Application form;
b.     Photocopy of passport (bio page, visa pages, latest arrival);
c.      Original and photocopy of ACR I-Card;
d.     Photocopy of receipt of latest visa extension;
e.      Photocopy of order of downgrading (if applicable);
f.       Five pieces 2x2 photo
“We likewise warn our foreign friends against fixers who issue fake and fraudulent ECCs to unsuspecting victims. We encourage them to file the ECCs by themselves or through accredited agents listed in our website”, reminded Tan.
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