Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Employment in the Bureau of Immigration

  1. How do I apply for a job vacancy?

Check the details of the job posting especially the requirements to see if you are qualified. You must submit the documentary requirements personally or through mail or couriers to BI Main Office, Intramuros, Manila for proper evaluation of your qualifications. Incomplete applications are not eligible.

  1. Can I just send my application through e-mail or mail or couriers?

We highly encourage that you submit your application in person.

  1. I submitted my application to an immigration office that is nearest to me and not to the main office, will it be processed?

Applicants are strictly advised to submit their applications to the Main Office. Any application given to other immigration office will not be evaluated.

  1. I have more than one position that I want to apply for. Can I just send one application?

Though it is suggested that you choose only one position to apply for, you may send an application for each vacancy that you are applying for.

  1. If I don’t see an opening that I like, can I just send my resume for any opening?

The Bureau only screens applications for currently open positions and we do not keep any application for future openings.

  1. I noticed that the posting for a job opening has already closed, can I still send my applications?

In order for us to review your applications, it must be received by our office before the end of the closing date or it will not be eligible.

  1. How long is the hiring process?

Applications will be reviewed only after the closing of the vacancy announcement. The duration to fill a position varies depending on various factors, thus, an estimate cannot be provided. Nonetheless, you will be notified if your application is selected for further processing.

  1. Do you notify applicants if they don’t get selected for the position?

We do not notify applicants if they are not selected for the positions. You may call the BI Hotline, send an email, or check the official BI website or BI official social media accounts to check on the status of your application.


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